Xabi, como Dylan, ha enchufado la guitarra eléctrica en medio del festival de folk y ha dejado atrás la asamblea de justos para seguir buscándose a sí mismo. Un futbolista de impacto y un tipo de extraordinario talento y decisiones personalísimas, íntimas, que tienen algo de misterio, de decepción, de grandeza. Se ha descubierto fuera del campo como dentro: tralla, y que pasen cosas.

Manuel Jabois

When the iPad was imminent the great debate was over whether it would run iOS or OS X. Many imagined a touch-based Mac rather than the “big screen iPod touch”. It was a tough call and one which Microsoft could not and still does not make. Therefore, the interesting question for me with respect to iWatch is: What OS it will run? I will be shocked to the core if it does not run iOS. It is my opinion that making iOS work on it is the entire reason Apple is sweating this segment. They are in it because they are trying to make a platform product with a novel user experience and all the power of an ecosystem run on a wrist.

Interview With Horace Dediu: What To Expect When Apple’s Expecting