You might envy the serene workers at Daimler, the German automaker. On vacations, employees can set their corporate email to “holiday mode.” Anyone who emails them gets an auto-reply saying the employee isn’t in, and offering contact details for an alternate, on-call staff person. Then poof, the incoming email is deleted — so that employees don’t have to return to inboxes engorged with digital missives in their absence. “The idea behind it is to give people a break and let them rest,” a Daimler spokesman told Time magazine. “Then they can come back to work with a fresh spirit.”

End the Tyranny of 24/7 Email -

Xabi, como Dylan, ha enchufado la guitarra eléctrica en medio del festival de folk y ha dejado atrás la asamblea de justos para seguir buscándose a sí mismo. Un futbolista de impacto y un tipo de extraordinario talento y decisiones personalísimas, íntimas, que tienen algo de misterio, de decepción, de grandeza. Se ha descubierto fuera del campo como dentro: tralla, y que pasen cosas.

Manuel Jabois